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“i gave you galaxies and you can't even manage to give me one damn star.”

1. You will miss the early mornings when you never went to bed so you decide to go watch the sunrise when the only other thing awake are the birds and you are actually a little happy for the first time in a while

2. You will miss late night talks with your friends, you know the ones where you just talk about everything because you are to exhausted to hold anything in, and for a minute you forget how much it all hurts.

3. You will miss wearing your warmest ,softest sweater holding a cup of coffee and reading your favorite book or watching silly romance movies while listening to the rain.

4. You will miss summer nights driving around with the windows down and music so loud you cant think.

5. You will miss kissing the person you love, whether its your significant other or your best friend.

6. You will miss being the reason someone smiles, and yes you are the reason that at least one person smiles every cold and bitter morning.

7. You will miss trying new things, it doesn’t matter if it’s climbing a mountain, painting your first big painting, or getting drunk for the first time with your best friend. You will miss out on something amazing.

8. If you die this young you may never meet the love of your life.

9. Recovery, Recovery, Recovery.

10. People will miss you trust me people will fucking miss you and your beautiful soul.

10  reasons not to kill yourself.

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I hope one day
someone asks you
about him
and you laugh
instead of feeling
a double edged
dager on your chest.

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